Our cloud-based geology and mine planning solution will revolutionise the way you work


Summit Data Management
All users benefit from the core Data Management features available in Summit. We provide you with a central repository that can be accessed from anywhere, providing field mapping, standard reports and powerful 3D visualisation to build instant understanding between colleagues and management.

Strategic Open Pit Planning (SOPP)

Improve confidence in capital allocation and long term strategic plans.
With SUMMIT SOPP mining engineers can rapidly determine assess the key value drivers in an uncertain environment by performing thousands of sensitivity scenarios. Simulation capabilities provide insights into the probability of achieving defined economic and mining outcomes.

Underground Strategic Optimisation (UGSO)

With SUMMIT UGSO mining engineers can take the highly popular MSO desktop product to the cloud and simultaneously run hundreds or even thousands of scenarios. Consider more options and improve confidence in your strategic underground mine plans.

Conditional Simulation (CONSIM)

SUMMIT CONDITIONAL SIMULATION allows you to assess geological uncertainty by producing multiple realisations of equally probable interpolations, honouring statistical properties of input drill hole data. SUMMIT automatically post processes the results allowing for instant probabilistic analysis of the data at a range of cut off grades. This can then be used to calibrate the confidence of estimates in the resource model.