Our cloud-based geology and mine planning solution will revolutionise the way you work

What is SUMMIT?

SUMMIT is an innovative new way to create, store, analyse and share mining technical data. SUMMIT provides seamless connectivity with existing geology and mine planning processes, with the added capability of high performance computing and convenient, secure data storage and sharing.

This major investment in the future brings together 30 years of domain-specific algorithms with the advantages of the cloud for high performance computing, collaboration and ease of deployment.  Already our foundation customers are enjoying 90% time savings in open pit strategic evaluation projects, rapid building of conditionally simulated models, and the convenience of secure, central online data storage, simple sharing and a transparent planning processes.

SUMMIT integrates seamlessly

The SUMMIT Cloud Series works seamlessly with the FUSION and STUDIO product lines, accommodating choice in data creation tools combined with the power of the cloud for computationally intensive tasks or data publishing and sharing.

What are the features of SUMMIT?

Scalable to thousands of simultaneous CPUs for completing tasks in a fraction of the time compared to desktop applications.

Share raw data, charts, reports and animations with colleagues and stakeholders instantly over the web. Work anywhere anytime.

Data is protected by encryption during transfer and data centres are physically and electronically secured to the highest standards.

Import data from external sources across departments and projects to store, analyse and share.

Web-based 3D visualisation and animation.

Rapidly analyse thousands of scenarios compare key statistics across projects to aid investment decision-making.

No local software to install, license or manage. Simple access using a secure login through your web browser.